Coleman Hawkins $2M Power Play Sets New Standard in College Basketball

By Alexa Linchuck | June 24, 2024

Coleman Hawkins, a towering 6-foot-10 power forward and NextName athlete1, has accepted a groundbreaking NIL deal that makes him one of the highest paid collegiate basketball players in the country. This lucrative agreement, reported to be valued at $2 million, follows Hawkins’ decision to transfer from the University of Illinois to Kansas State after considering the NBA Draft. Hawkins’ impressive statistics highlight why he was such a sought-after athlete. Last season, he averaged 12.1 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 2.7 assists per game. His performance earned him an honorable mention in the All-Big Ten honors, solidifying his reputation as a player who brings both skill and leadership to the court.

Faced with the opportunity to enter the draft, Hawkins made a strategic move to Kansas State. This transfer marks a new chapter, offering him a platform to showcase his talents within another strong basketball program, while his NIL deal ensures he is well-compensated for his contributions on and off the court.

Hawkins’ record-breaking NIL deal, first reported by Sports Illustrated, is proof of the power of these agreements in collegiate sports. It highlights the growing recognition of athletes’ market value during their college years, and the importance of allowing them to profit from their personal brand. For Hawkins, this NIL deal not only rewards his past achievements but also sets an example for future athletes that are navigating through college athletics and the decision to turn pro.

The $2 million NIL deal is a game-changer, not just for him, but the entire landscape of collegiate basketball. As he prepares to take the court for Kansas State, all eyes will be on this veteran, whose decisions and performance will continue to influence the dynamics of sports and NIL deals in collegiate athletics.


  1. NextName was not involved in any aspect of the referenced NIL opportunity with Coleman Hawkins in the blog above.
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