The Program

NextName is at the forefront of the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) revolution. Our innovative program seamlessly merges brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, and digital collectibles to provide college athletes with diverse income streams. We’re all about empowering athletes like you to maximize their personal brands and enhance their influence. With NextName, the future of NIL is now in the hands of those who deserve it the most—college athletes. If you’re an athlete interested in learning more please fill our our Athlete Interest Form or email

You can also explore a comprehensive NextName profile featuring all three key elements – digital collectibles, affiliate products, and a brand partnership video – by simply clicking here.

Brand Partnerships

This program is designed to create authentic and meaningful connections between college athletes and specific brands. Athletes have the opportunity to share their unique life stories by answering thoughtfully curated questions. These personal narratives are skillfully aligned with the values of partnering brands, offering a genuine and engaging way to promote their products and services. It’s about more than just endorsements; it’s about crafting stories that resonate with the brand’s target audience. This initiative empowers athletes to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in a way that feels true to their journey while creating valuable partnerships.

For a tangible example of what’s possible, check out Sophie Stephenson’s Tru Western brand partnership video, showcasing the power of authentic storytelling. At NextName, we’re also flexible and open to working closely with brands to develop customized partnerships that cater to their unique needs, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration that drives success for both the athlete and the brand. Let us help you tell your story and make a real impact in the world of brand partnerships.

Digital Collectibles

On the NextName platform, athletes have the unique opportunity to create and sell their very own limited edition digital collectibles, offering fans an exclusive piece of memorabilia to treasure. The best part? Athletes on NextName receive the majority of the profits from the collectibles they sell, allowing them to benefit directly from their dedicated fan base.

These collectibles aren’t just tokens; they can be branded and utilized in brand partnerships and promotions, providing a versatile and captivating way to engage with fans and potential sponsors. As a prime example, athletes can explore the recently created collectible of Sebastian Gonzalez, unveiling the potential for personalized digital memorabilia that connects athletes with their audience in a whole new way. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to share your unique journey and passion with the world, all while reaping the rewards of your hard-earned success.

Affiliate Marketing

At NextName, our affiliate marketing program is all about creating meaningful connections between college athletes and brands that align with their core values. We believe in the power of personalized partnerships, enabling athletes to participate in an affiliate marketing program that genuinely resonates with their preferences. Through these tailored affiliate marketing links, athletes can seamlessly promote brand products or services in the “Locker” section of their NextName profile while earning a significant share of the profits generated from sales. It’s a win-win scenario, where athletes monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) while simultaneously boosting sales and brand awareness.

Our range of affiliate products is diverse, including items you personally endorse available on platforms like Amazon and specialized affiliate marketing links co-created with our brand partners. In both scenarios, we are committed to ensuring that athletes earn the majority of the affiliate marketing commission. To get a glimpse of how your affiliate items will be presented on your profile, take a look at the sample locker section. The goal is to establish valuable partnerships that benefit all parties involved.

Are you an athlete interested in the NextName NIL program?

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