NextName for Brands

The Program

NextName offers a unique and innovative opportunity for brands to collaborate with college athletes, leveraging the power of personal branding. By partnering with athletes on our platform, brands can tap into the authentic stories and values that resonate with the athletes’ audiences. Whether it’s sponsoring compelling stories, branding digital collectibles, utilizing affiliate marketing links, or co-creating customized campaigns, NextName empowers brands to create genuine connections with their target audience. These collaborations drive engagement, foster brand loyalty, and enhance visibility, ultimately leading to more meaningful and successful marketing campaigns.

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Brand Partnerships

Collaborating with athletes through NextName offers brands an invaluable opportunity to engage in authentic storytelling, forging powerful connections with their audience. Athletes’ personal narratives, thoughtfully matched with the brand’s values, provide a compelling way to promote products and services, transcending mere endorsements. Brands can also enjoy the flexibility of crafting customized partnerships, ensuring that their unique goals are met. It’s a chance for brands to create meaningful narratives and leave a lasting impact through athlete partnerships. As an example, explore Sarah Bingham’s Tru Western brand partnership video, highlighting her unique team connections and distinctive leadership style.

Affiliate Marketing

NextName’s affiliate marketing program is a game-changer for brands looking to tap into the influence of college athletes. By creating tailored affiliate marketing links, brands can seamlessly integrate their products or services into athletes’ profiles, making it easier for athletes to share them with their audience. This not only drives sales for the brand but also motivates athletes to actively promote these links to their networks. As a result, it’s a win-win partnership where athletes earn a percentage of the sales they generate while amplifying the brand’s reach and impact. It’s a new and powerful way for brands to connect with their target audience through the trusted voice of college athletes.

Digital Collectibles

NextName harnesses the potential of limited edition athlete digital collectibles, establishing a mutually advantageous platform for both athletes and brands. These digital collectibles, with options to be adorned with brand logos, special promotions, and exclusive content, not only captivate fans and customers but also foster an engaging synergy. Through fan and customer purchases, these collectibles promote brand exposure and drive active engagement. In addition to the brand benefits, athletes also enjoy a rewarding revenue stream generated from the sale of these collectibles, ensuring that their personal journey becomes an integral part of this exciting venture. It’s a unique blend of sports memorabilia and brand promotion that resonates with both athletes and their supporters.

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