Explore the unique narratives of University of Illinois volleyball players with NextName and Tru Western. Click on the buttons to discover their stories and purchase their favorite fragrances, directly supporting each athlete.

Lily Barry

Favorite Scents: Wrangler, Yellowstone, Yellowstone Tornado
Position: Defensive Specialist/Libero
Values: Grit, Teamwork

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Sarah Bingham

Favorite Scents: Wrangler, Yellowstone Candles
Position: Middle Blocker/Outside Hitter
Values: Be Your Best, Lead by Example

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Cari Bohm

Favorite Scents: Yellowstone, Wrangler (Cologne)
Position: Middle Blocker
Values: Grit, Growth

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Kayla Burbage

Favorite Scents: Wrangler (Perfume), Wrangler (Cologne), Yellowstone Tornado
Position: Opposite/Outside Hitter
Values: Balance, Family

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Kennedy Collins

Favorite Scents: Yellowstone Tornado, Wild & Free Boho Beach
Position: Middle Blocker
Values: No Days Off, Teamwork

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Bianca May

Favorite Scents: Lace Noir, Wild & Free Indigo Fields, Yellowstone
Position: Setter
Values: Family, Teamwork

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Vanessa Pan

Favorite Scents: Lace Noir, Wild & Free Indigo Fields, Yellowstone
Position: Defensive Specialist/Libero
Values: Inner Drive, Team Building

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Sophie Stephenson

Favorite Scents: Lace, Love & Lyrics CrushYellowstone Tornado
Position: Outside Hitter
Values: Leadership, Strength

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The NextName and Tru Western campaign extends beyond the University of Illinois Volleyball team. This collaboration is actively seeking college athletes nationwide who have compelling stories to share, ones that revolve around grit, family, teamwork, humility, and a strong work ethic. College athletes interested in participating can connect with us by emailing info@nextname.io to explore the chance to collaborate with Tru Western, receive fragrance samples, and earn NIL compensation for their inspiring narratives.