NextName’s New Faces

NextName is proud to announce its addition of four new athletes to the platform!

This round of onboarding is particularly special to us because it marks the first time we have signed individual players to the platform using our Athlete Sign-Up form.

The Athlete Sign-Up form is reflective of our continued commitment to provide accessible NIL opportunities for all student athletes. Ambitious NIL eligible students, regardless of the school they attend or the sport they play, can converse directly with us about how our platform can help support their endeavors. We pride ourselves in working closely with athletes to create their collectibles, promote their brand, and find them additional NIL opportunities as they present themselves. Signing up with NextName also has no onboarding fees, and with our athlete royalty rate on collectibles being one of the highest in the industry, we are uniquely poised to help every athlete excel in the emerging NIL landscape.

So without further ado, please welcome Adrian Soto (CSU Pubelo Football), Peyton Fitzherbert (Southeastern Soccer), Ryan Voois (Illinois Golf) and Will Semb (Minnesota Baseball) to NextName! We are so excited to have you onboard!

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