NextName and Prospect League Partner to Empower Collegiate Athletes in Name, Image, and Likeness Opportunities

NextName, a leading platform in supporting collegiate athletes in monetizing their name, image, and likeness (NIL), has joined forces with the Prospect League, a premier collegiate summer baseball league. This partnership enables Prospect League players to create and sell personalized digital collectibles on the NextName website, allowing them to generate revenue from their NIL rights. Currently, NextName is working with over 20 talented Prospect League baseball players to develop their digital collectibles.

NextName, at the forefront of embracing NCAA regulations that allow college athletes to profit from their NIL, empowers athletes to capitalize on their personal brand value. Through cutting-edge technology, NextName creates and sells digital collectibles, providing fans with an immersive experience while athletes monetize their popularity and engage with their fan base.

The Prospect League, renowned for its exceptional collegiate summer baseball talent, has seized the opportunity to collaborate with NextName, providing players with an additional avenue to maximize their earning potential. This partnership opens new revenue streams for Prospect League athletes, leveraging their collegiate stardom and expanding their digital presence.

NextName will collaborate closely with Prospect League baseball players to design personalized digital collectibles that encapsulate each player’s unique journey and skill set. Fans and collectors can purchase these digital collectibles on the NextName website at, fostering interactive connections between supporters and their favorite athletes.

“We are excited to partner with the Prospect League and offer their exceptional baseball players an opportunity to monetize their NIL through NextName,” said Tom Segal, Director of Operations at NextName. “Our mission is to empower collegiate athletes, and this collaboration perfectly aligns with our vision of unlocking the value of their personal brand. We look forward to working with the talented Prospect League players and providing them with a platform to connect with fans and generate income.”

The NextName and Prospect League partnership represents a groundbreaking advancement in collegiate sports, demonstrating a shared commitment to the success and well-being of student-athletes. By facilitating the creation and sale of digital collectibles, NextName revolutionizes how athletes benefit from their NIL, reshaping the future of collegiate athletics.

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