NextName Collaborates with University of Illinois Volleyball Players to Share Inspiring Stories through Short-Form Videos

NextName, a company that empowers college athletes to monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the volleyball players from the University of Illinois. This collaboration aims to bring the compelling stories of these athletes to the forefront, enabling them to connect with brands that align with their narratives and engage in promotional campaigns through captivating short-form videos.

With the recent changes in NIL regulations, college athletes now have unprecedented opportunities to capitalize on their personal brand and talent. Recognizing this immense potential, NextName has embarked on a mission to help athletes navigate this new landscape and leverage their NIL for meaningful partnerships with like-minded brands.

As part of this collaboration, NextName will be working closely with the volleyball players at the University of Illinois to craft impactful short-form videos that shed light on their unique journeys, challenges, and achievements. These personalized videos will serve as a compelling medium to communicate the athletes’ stories, values, and passions to potential brands looking for authentic connections with their audiences.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with the athletes from the University of Illinois volleyball team,” said Tom Segal, Director of Operations at NextName. “Our mission at NextName is to encourage college athletes to take control of their personal brand and build lasting partnerships with product and service brands that resonate with their individual stories. Through these short-form videos, we aim to showcase the dedication, determination, and character of these outstanding athletes and create opportunities for them to thrive in their NIL endeavors.”

By creating short, engaging videos that encapsulate the essence of each athlete’s journey, NextName aims to foster authentic connections between the players and brands that share their values and interests. These videos will not only serve as powerful promotional tools, but also to elevate the voices of these talented athletes, inspiring countless others through their experiences.

NextName envisions an ambitious endeavor, aiming to extend this program to encompass numerous athletes, not only at the University of Illinois, but also across various other universities nationwide. By doing so, they look join forces with these athletes to unlock their complete potential when it comes to lucrative brand partnerships. For more on NextName’s work with college athletes, kindly explore their website at

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